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Yoka outguns and outclasses David Allen in Paris

Allen loses against budding pro star. Where does he go now?

By Lawrence Ward   - @intuboxing

All eyes were on British soil on Saturday night as BoxNation put on a triumphant show. With English fighters such as Ohara Davies, Anthony Yarde, Daniel ‘DDD’ Dubois and Martin Murray all taking wins in at the 02 Arena in London. But there was another brit under the lights last weekend, across the pond in Ol’ Paris. Dave Allen (now 13-4-2) shot for the stars yet again against Frenchman Tony Yoka.

Yoka, who beat Heavyweight prospect Joe Joyce to take the Olympic gold in Rio 2016, has now moved to 5 – 0 with 4 wins coming by way of knockout after beating Allen by a landslide. It comes as no surprise as Allen was a 16/1 favourite going into the fight on short notice. Unfortunately, Allen was as limp as a French handshake by the 4th round. Before the fight was stopped in the 10th and final round, the Olympic champion was up by every round on all of the scorecards.

Not unlike a long walk in tight shoes, Allen’s career has become quite uncomfortable. It’s a common occurrence for the Yorkshireman’s belly to precede him on his short notice arrivals to the ring. So, what is next for 26-year-old Allen? Even he seems unsure at this point. With a management team as supportive as a good recliner, Allen seems destined to be an un-committed stepping stone for European/Commonwealth level opponents.

What the Doncaster born Heavyweight lacks in success, he more than makes up for in personality. With a successful podcast and large social media following, perhaps the brutish boxer can pursue a career as a tv personality? Something’s gotta give for the Doncaster De La Hoya. With threats being made by Deontay Wilder to Eddie Hearn this morning, perhaps there’s a bodyguard position up for grabs at Matchroom…