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Welborn vs Langford

What a war we have just witnessed.

By Bryan Connolly   - @intuboxing

Back in May the boxing world was treated to the fight of the year contender billed as "The Battle of the Baggies" at the Walsall Town Hall and promoted by BCB (Black Country Boxing). That contest ended in a split decision victory for Jason Welborn who in turn won the British Middleweight Title with the scorecards reading 114-113 114-113114-115. We all believed we would see a war like that again but we were definitely wrong.

Tonight the rematch happened in front of the Sky Sports cameras and the world was in awe of the spectacle that occurred. Again the fight was close with experts and fans in attendance having the scorecards and outcome totally different. 

The first round started in explosive fashion. Langford started the round with sharp and his jab being very accurate, but quickly Welborn lands a flush right straight and Langford hits the floor. After taking the 8 count he was up and ready to carry on.

The second round, and Langford comes out strong once more. Welborn dosent seem phased by these shots, who is always tagging his opponent with the left counter punch. Langford has the height and reach advantage but is happy fighting up close and personal which would suit either fighter.

Welborn comes out with serious intent in the third and a huge right overhand lands clean and Langford hits the floor again. Somehow he gets up but the legs look shaky, surely this cannot continue for long as Langford is hurt bad.


Langford knows at the start of the fourth that he has to work to overcome the rounds he has lost badly. Two 10-8 rounds can seriously hurt the cards if the fight goes late on. Langford is throwing combinations, but again Welborn looks dangerous on the counter offensive and we know he has the power to stun Langford. Better round for Langford, but couldn't be any worse, hopefully can build on this to give him some momentum.  


The fifth round starts and Langford gets caught from a massive right hand. I don't know how but he stays on his feet. More of the same shots are being thrown by both men and the crowd are loving this action.

A steady start to the sixth and for different reasons both fighters back up a little. Langford showing more combinations and head movement cautious for the counter punch. Good round in the bag, maybe the champ went all out for the stoppage.

Both round seven and eight have Langford the aggressor and Welborn is looking tired and  his face is clearly marked. Both have taken serious damage and showing battle scars.

The "championship rounds" begin and this is where majority of the fights are won and lost. Langford has come out in the tenth, throwing punch after punch in waves. What a spectacle of a fight. It is one of the encounters we don't want to end.

The bell starts for the twelfth and final round. The crowd goes wild as they cannot believe for one the fight is still going and two that both are still standing toe to toe with each other. You get the feeling that Welborn feels he needs a big round here and starts like a steam train. One big punch after another lands and somehow Langford is still standing tall. The last 30 seconds both fighters go hell for leather and trade all the way to the end.

Welborn wins by split decision again, taking the judges cards 114-113 115-114 113-114.

How do I conclude a fight like this. Matchroom Boxing, Eddie Hearn and Sky Sports the boxing community have been treated to another stunning chapter in this rivalry. Twice they have been to war and both fights are easily contenders for fight of the year 2018.

Tommy Langford got tagged and put on the canvas once in the opening round and again in the third. His heart and willing to fight back proved how tough he is and that he could claw his way back into a fight. Everybody had him down and out in the third and until late on had overcome the odds and the opening score difference. It proves he is a fighting champion, where he goes from this loss only time will tell but he can hold his head up high. 

Jason Welborn started amazing and it seemed like he either went too hard to start with or held back waiting for his second wind. A couple of times you could see a smile on his face like the power of Langford wasn't fazing him. Fought back well from the tenth onward and into the last round gave Langford all he had. The champion remains and when i met him at the conference Thursday you could see the determination in his eyes.