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By Paul Humphreys   - @intuboxing

Paul Humphreys from Intuboxing caught up with Dec Spelman ahead of his ultimate boxer
tournament slot this coming weekend about his inspiration favourite fight fighters and more.

Dec I think we all have that favourite fight, the one that sticks in our minds for whatever
reason whether it be the drama, skill levels or just sheer excitement of it, I know I have, so
with that in mind what's yours and why?

Dec Spelman
Got to be Hatton v Tszue for Hatton was a massive underdog against a classy champion,
but his sheer drive and will to win allowed him to pull out a career-best performance.

We admire different fighters for different reasons, who's your favourite and why?

Dec Spelman
Billy Joe Saunders his boxing skills are insane when he's on his game Billy is untouchable.

We all have many different reasons why we fell in love with boxing what's your reason?

Dec Spelman
I just followed my mates down there and quickly caught the bug

Where does your motivation come from?

Dec Spelman
To be the best I can possibly be and be in the best fights possible
I want to fight anyone in the top 10 to test myself.
I'll never look past the domestic level, that's a belt I have always wanted to win.

Have you got a message to your loyal supporters?

Dec Spelman
My support is my biggest achievement my town is so small and everyone gets behind me
THANKYOU to everyone involved so far

Dec it's been a pleasure. Thank you.