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Tony Bellew Hints At Retirement

It seems as though it will take 'something huge' to keep 'The Bomber' in the ring.

By Aaron Cooper   - @intuboxingfm

By his own admissions, Tony Bellew's career has exceeded his and perhaps everyone's expectations. 

It doesn't feel like all that long ago that Bellew was campaigning at light-heavyweight, taking a world title fight with Nathan Cleverly in his seventeenth fight. But ladies and gentleman that fight was seven years ago. I recall Bellew telling Sky Sports that he never thought he was good enough to hold the European title shortly after beating Mateusz Masternak in December 2015. But in just his next fight he went one better and claimed a world title at the home of his beloved Everton Football Club in front of 25,000 fans. Say what you will about Bellew, but no one can argue he has led a storied and successful career inside the squared circle. 

Last night Tony Bellew put on what I believe to be his career-best performance. He has come under fierce criticism that he is not a real heavyweight, perhaps even from you the reader. Dillian Whyte has certainly been vocal about his fellow Matchroom stablemate being a 'fake heavyweight'. So when it was announced that Bellew was to take on a former heavyweight champion of the world in David Haye. There were many, including the Liverpudlian himself who genuinely feared for his safety. After all, this was the same man that had been dropped by Ovil Mackenzie.

While you can argue that had Haye not been injured in the first fight the outcome MAY have been different (Haye was up on the scorecards going into the sixth). Last night's performance was Bellew's finest. Social media blew up before the fight, so many oh so critical it took Bellew five rounds to dispose of a one-legged man. But all of those naysayers were silenced when he put Haye on the canvas not once, not twice, but three times. 

Tony Bellew has defied the odds once more, so the question remains ... where does he go from here?

There is certainly one thing that even Bellew himself cannot deny. You can't beat the clock, just ask his opponent from last night. Although seemingly Bellew is enjoying the best form of his career he turns thirty-six in November. So this begs the question, just how many torturous camps he can put his body through ... and does he even want to?

"It will take something absolutely ridiculous to make me do it again," Bellew told Sky Sports. 

"Something huge. It would have to be massive because I'm happy with what I've done. I've proven everyone wrong.

"I've been the biggest dreamer for my whole life - I said I'd fight at Goodison Park, I said I'd be amateur champion after two fights. But it's another thing to really believe it. I stuck by my dream and it's got me to here." 

"I like the Tyson Fury fight. I do think I can knock Fury out.

"I just know I can beat Andre Ward. People will laugh at me and say 'no chance'. But the monster, David Haye, with the big muscles was supposed to knock me out and it didn't work out. The fat kid looked the stronger man. I bullied him. I physically manhandled him."

No one will begrudge Bellew if he were to walk away now. After all the former ABA Heavyweight champions career has since him go from Merseyside to Hollywood. 

Quit while you're ahead Tony. You've nothing to prove to anyone!