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Stevenson chasing Bellew rematch?

If I fight Bellew again, I am going to knock him out again! -

By Aaron Cooper   - @intuboxingfm

Tony Bellew's career has exceeded many expectations, even his own. This writer recalls the after his victory against Mateusz Masternak, in which he captured the European cruiserweight crown that he himself never thought he was good enough to win a title domestically, nevermind on the European stage. 

But that was just the beginning for the Liverpudlian. In his very next fight, at the home of his beloved Everton Football club he captured the WBC cruiserweight title in stunning fashion. Climbing off of the floor to send Illunga Makubu into a temporary state of sleep!

What came next, I doubt you need reminding. Overcoming public opinion Bellew crushed David Haye's thoughts and dreams of a comeback. Not once, but twice. The latter in stunning style. Flooring the former heavyweight champion of the world not once, not twice but three times on the way to a referees stoppage. 

IntuBoxing reported at the beginning of the week that it would take a 'monumental offer' for him to fight again. I for one would only happily wish 'The Bomber' well should he choose to never step into a ring as a professional fighter ever again. 

Bellew's story is something of a fairytale. So perhaps, just perhaps there is one final chapter in the story of the man from Liverpool....

When assessing Bellew's options should he want to fight again, you could be forgiven for thinking that they are limited at best. The money men of the division are as Bellew has put it 'too big and too strong'. He is under no illusion that he doesn't really belong in the premier division of professional boxing. This belief was also thought about his opponent last Saturday night, hence why Bellew agreed to fight him. A return to his former division could happen if he so chose. But those fights are all high-risk low-reward.  A Tyson Fury fight has been mentioned, but Hearn and Warren working together are just as likely as his beloved Everton and Liverpool uniting to form one club ... 

Now, if you're anything like me. I can't help but love a good revenge story. As a child, I was obsessed with Jean Claude Van-Damme movies where he always seemed to have to avenge a dead relative. So perhaps there is one final chapter in 'The Bomber's' story. As a former foe has expressed an interest in challenging him one more time. It just so happens that this fighter remains the sole blemish on Bellew's career. Bellew has set the record straight by winning rematches against Isaac Chilemba and Nathan Cleverly having failed to win the first fight. But one defeat has been left unavenged...

In 2013, Bellew was blown away by Canadian based Haitian, Adonis Stevenson is six rounds. The fight was for Stevenson's WBC Light-heavyweight title. If there is one excuse to be made for the Liverpudlian it is that he never really belonged at 175 pounds. He campaigned as an amateur at heavyweight, so to drain to 175 pounds for fight night was a big ask. 

"Tony Bellew needs to get a rematch because when I lost, the first thing I knew I would do is to get a rematch and knock him out - and did," Stevenson exclusively told Sky Sports.

"You have to fight again the guy who knocked you out, except me! If I fight Bellew again, I am going to knock him out again. It would be exciting, though."

"Ward might want to fight Bellew, but he certainly doesn't want to fight me," said Stevenson.

"When he had those titles, we tried to unify the division with him, and he just retired.

"I would like to fight in the UK. I don't have a problem with coming there for this fight. I am going to knock him out in the UK. I have lots of UK fans, so I will come and do it again.

"Eddie Hearn has got our number, so he can negotiate with Al (Haymon)."

Bellew/Stevenson II on the undercard of Joshua/Wilder anyone?