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Scott Wesgarth: A Hero To The End

Scott Wesgarth Tragically Died Last Month. But In Death, He Has Saved Seven Lives


As boxing fans, we all have our favourites, our heroes, and our villains. Something I think many of us are guilty of is not paying these warriors of the squared circle enough respect. I see the term 'bum' or 'can' thrown around far too often. Frankly, it makes my blood boil. Because these men and woman put their lives on the line every time they step inside a ring. Yes, they do this for financial gain, for the prospect of personal glory. But they do what they love for our entertainment because after all, boxing is a spectator sport. The fan/fighter relationship is mutually beneficial but we as fans take none of the risks, and sometimes although rare things go wrong in the ring.

British boxing is still mourning the tragic loss of light-heavyweight Scott Wesgarth. Scott had only just won his English title eliminator against Dec Spelman, but shortly after getting back to his changing room things took a turn for the worse. Scott fell ill in the changing room and was rushed to the hospital. Despite doctors best efforts he lost his life after suffering a bleed on the brain.

The sport we all love so much has tragically taken the life of Scott Wesgarth. But, in his death, he has brought life. For Scott was an organ donor and in his passing his organs were used to save the lives of SEVEN people.

Mother Rebecca, 58 told The Mirror.

“I did not realise but he had put his name down three times on the organ donor list. “When I went to see him in hospital, I was giving him kisses and I put my hand on his heart and it was so strong. “I just thought ‘whoever is getting his heart is going to be so lucky’.

Scott was the third British boxer to lose his life since 2013. I implore you, all of you before you launch into any form of a tirade on social media about how this guy has only fought 'bums' or whatever derogatory term you wish to choose. Remember there are young men with families losing their lives in the pursuit of greatness.....

Have Some Respect!