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Ruiz Breakdown

What to expect

By Bryan Connolly   - @intuboxing



The first fight between Joshua and Ruiz Jr opened everyones eyes to the Mexican heavyweight. He came into the fight as a replacement for jarrell miller, and proceeded to shock the world. 

Ruiz came into the fight, not looking like the athlete he was supposed to be.

The speed of which Ruiz's jabs, hooks were thrown, amazed the viewing public and also took Joshua by surprise. 

Rating - 8




Ruiz holds an impressive 66% knock out percentage. What we do know is both fighters, hold impressive one punch power, that can end the fight at any moment.

Both have early and late stoppages on their records. 

Rating - 8




When Joshua knocked Ruiz to the floor in the third round, Ruiz did not look phased and it inspired him to release the inner beast. He rose of the canvas and knocked Joshua down twice in the same round.

Rating - 10




Ruiz has been dropped in previous fights but has never, been seriously hurt. He always got up from the canvas and always fought on. This is a hard one to call, as his heart could outweigh the chin element. 

Rating - 7


Body Punching


Ruiz is deadly with either hand, to the body and to the head. If he fully targets the body to weaken and slow down, Joshua that will take affect. But, we all know that Joshua is an athlete in the body department, and will be hard to destruct.

Rating - 8 




The Mexican way of life, is a testiment of the culture. They have a history of being terrific fighters, who are durable and explosive. The mindset in both press conferences, and with the Saudi public has been immense. He looks relaxed, and he looks ready. 

Rating - 9