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Rise Of The Super-Welterweight Division

Is the 154-pound division the best in boxing?


By Aaron Cooper

Boxing isn't dead, it hasn't even got a cold. You've all heard me say that before right? Good.

Why have I started with such a statement? It's simple really. I have been a boxing fan for twenty-six years, and in that time I have witnessed a plethora of great nights and great fights in that time. But, as time and my life have passed me by it is fair to say that the sport I love so very much did begin to suffer from both internal and environmental factors. But since the beginning of last year boxing has fought back. New stars have emerged, new household names born and above all else the sports combatants are beginning to provide us with the fights that are keeping the sport alive. 

If you've ever read any of my literary works you will know I am particularly fond of the super-flyweight division. But over the last twelve months, another division has stepped into my peripheral vision. It has refused to leave, and you know what? I am happy for it to stay. Boxing is subjective it is about what we as individuals like. But if you look closely, the super-welterweight division might just be the best in the sport.

Now that's a pretty bold statement to make, right? After all, you could easily make a case that the division lacks true household names. Give or take the odd exception. But please allow me to justify my reasoning.

Are you still with me? Good, then I shall begin.

Depth! For a division to thrive it needs more than one or two names to do so. Well, the 154-pound division is about as talent-rich as I can ever remember it being. In the early hours of this morning two of the divisions best fought in just the seventh unification fight in the history of the weight class! It was a grueling fight in which Erislandy Lara's ring craft was pitted against the never-ending pressure of Jarrett 'Swift' Hurd. A short left hook from Hurd which put Lara on the canvas all that separated the two men in which I believe is a serious contender for a fight of the year candidate. If you thought that was good there is more to come. Those two men aren't even considered to be the number one in the division by most. That honour falls to Jermell Charlo. Twin brother of Jermall. The young Texan has big boots to fill, after all the previous holders of the belt he possesses just happen to be Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquaio, and Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez. The 27-year-old champion is as brash as he is powerful and certainly the mouthpiece of the division. But wait it gets better, I'm not finished yet. Former IBF Welterweight champion, Kell Brook has entered the division with a bang, dispatching of Sergey Rabchenko in just two short rounds. His former foe Errol Spence Jr may elect for a rematch at 154 pounds rather than hanging around for a Keith Thurman fight that looks lt will never happen. Add that to the fact the division also boasts Julian Williams, Erickson Lubin, Liam Smith, Charles Hately, as well as WBO champion Sadam Ali and you, have a division oozing with talent.

Now you are probably thinking, this is all well and good but will they all fight each other. Why yes, yes they will. I know talk is cheap, but the proof is in the pudding. There seems to be no reluctance from any of the names I have previously mentioned to square off against one another. In fact most of the names there have either fought each other or are due to do so. But it gets better ladies and gentleman. There are little to no network issues that rob us of so many fights elsewhere in the great sport of boxing. Al Haymon has something of a monopoly on the American 154 pounders. Yes, Sadam Ali boxes on HBO and Brook and Smith box on different networks in the UK. But the barriers to entry are small to none.

Hold on to your hats folks, mark my words. This division is about to catch fire.