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Pretty Boy Josh Kelly: Britain’s Next Big Thing?

Just How Far Can This Young Man From The North East Go?


By Aaron Cooper

I can’t help myself, as a journalist, it is my job to bring you all boxing news and unbiased views from our great sport. But the boxing fan in me is clock watching, happily wishing my life away until 7 pm this Saturday night.

But my excitement for this great night of boxing stems not from just the main event. No, Eddie Hearn has done a fantastic job of putting on two quality cards in two short weeks. A sign of things to come perhaps, now that it appears Frank Warren is putting on a very well received comeback of his own. We as boxing fans are the real winners.

Now onto the matter at hand. I said there was more than one reason as to why I was excited didn’t I? Well, boxing fans in Britain are always eager to see who might be the next big thing. Do we have another Anthony Joshua type star in the making? And, if so. Where is he, or she? Well Ladies and Gentleman, if you haven’t already, I’d like to turn your attention to a young man from the great town of Sunderland. This former Olympian has practically everyone touting him as the next big thing, and whilst it is certainly too early to suggest just how far he can go. The signs are certainly promising.

Josh Kelly has certainly made waves since his pro debut in Glasgow last year. There is always a lot of attention paid to our young boxers who have competed in the Olympics and turned pro straight afterward. Josh or PBK, is making his presence known and felt in all the right ways. Josh is trained by Adam Booth, and students of the game can tell you that the moment the first bell rings. Booth’s fighters have a very distinct style. Adam’s fighters past and present are very fundamentally sound. Fast hands accompany great footwork with slick head movement to boot. In fact, Adam’s fighters employ the sweet science perhaps better than anyone else is in Britain. Hit and not get hit, its boxing 101. The way Josh fights is very reminiscent of a young David Haye or George Groves. He has won all five of his fights since turning professional, and the call to step up Kelly’s competition hasn’t fallen on deaf ears.

This Saturday night PBK steps in the ring with a former world champion. Yes, that’s right a former world champion in only his sixth professional contest. Carlos Molina is 28-7-2 and has shared the ring with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, Mike Alvarado, and James Kirkland and holds wins over Kermit, Cintron, Cory Spinks and an IBF world title victory over Ishe Smith. I must say his best days are behind him, but his pedigree is certainly there for all to see.

Boxing is all about levels and for a prospect, it is about getting them the right fights at the right time. We are about to see how Kelly mixes it up against a former world champion, and if he wins and wins well it could only be a matter of time before we see Kelly fighting for the British title and beyond.