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Popularity - AJ vs Ricky Hatton

Who wins?

By Paul Humphreys   - @intuboxing

There's absolutely no doubt about this, Anthony Joshua is the face of Boxing in the UK, maybe even the world.

He has completely transcended the sport in the UK with huge attendances and ticket sales alike selling over 300 000 tickets over a 4 fight period which is a fantastic acheivment in itself. 

The question is, has Anthony Joshua overtaken the popularity of the great Ricky Hatton...I'm not so sure.

Ricky’s prime years were during a huge financial recession yet he still managed to take almost 80,000 fans over to Las Vegas over a 4 fight period , the 35,000 fans he took over at Christmas 2007 for his Floyd Mayweather Jr mega bout will almost certainly never be repeated. 

It's also worth mentioning that Ricky sold over 1 million PPV on the UK at 4am in the morning for the Mayweather fight.

Anthony has yet to fight over in the United States so its difficult to judge what sort of travelling fan base he may enjoy, beating the number set by Ricky may take some doing.

Ricky sold out his home town stadium 57,000 tickets coming off a loss and that is a amazing number really and the fanatical support he enjoyed is the stuff of legends so it seems there really is