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Krushed Dreams?

Is this the end of Sergey Kovalev’s career? If so, how will we remember it?

By John Zemel   - @INTUBOXING

This Saturday night at The Ford Center in Frisco, Texas, we have the opportunity to witness what could be the end of a career that was once rife with potential in a way that few boxing careers ever have been. Sergey “The Krusher” Kovalev once stood high atop this sport teeming with unlimited amounts of ‘what could be.’ He is a former unified champion, pound for pound darling, and one of the sport’s most famous “boogeymen.” However, this coming weekend he will be another fighter trying to reclaim his former belt along with his former glory. His story is one of great promise and ultimately, unfulfilled potential at the highest ranks of the sport. 

Once upon a time, the man they called “Krusher” was on a warpath reminiscent of a young Mike Tyson. It took until his fifth professional bout before he saw a round card that had a 2 on it. It wasn’t until his tenth pro fight that any opponent lasted longer than that. To watch a Kovalev fight was to not blink, lest you miss the KO punch that was sure to come early. He ripped through opponents one after another in a violent, calculated fashion. In his 32 professional wins, only 4 have gone the distance. Between his absurd knockout percentage and the unfortunate death of his countryman Roman Simakov following their bout, Kovalev’s legend grew. Eventually he would become the sport’s most prevalent “boogeyman,” a term for a fighter that is seemingly avoided at all costs. 

He seemed to be at the precipice of true greatness. He had the whole boxing world in front of him, ready for him to take his place on the throne that appeared tailor made for a monster like him. He unified the WBA, WBO, and IBF light heavyweight titles from 2013 to 2016 and was The Ring magazine’s fighter of the year in 2014. His career resembled that which many prospects could only dream of, but for Sergey Kovalev and his growing legion of fans it seemed to be only the beginning. What he was missing more than anything is what makes any great fighter great; a statement win over another great from his era. He had beaten every man whom he’d faced, but with the exception of a 49 year old Bernard Hopkins, every name on his resume was a man most famous for losing to him.

That all changed when he got the opportunity to fight fellow top ten pound for pounder Andre Ward. In a fight that was billed Pound For Pound, the two men set out to prove that they were the greatest that the sport had to offer. Finally “The Krusher” had a chance to show the world and himself what he was capable of in this sport.  What followed was a raucous fight and a controversial decision that found Andre Ward with his arm raised when the dust settled. Accusing the judges of foul play and the referee of incompetence, Kovalev immediately exercised his rematch clause and set out to prove what he couldn’t in the first bout. Unfortunately for him, the second fight ended with him being stopped in the 8th round. Andre Ward retired after the second fight, ranked number one pound for pound across almost every platform. It was the storybook ending that many thought would befall Sergey Kovalev. Instead it was his most famous opponent who would receive the hero’s farewell.

What followed for Kovalev was two tune up fights followed by a surprise upset that saw him stopped by Eleider Álvarez in the 7th round. This Saturday he will once again attempt to avenge a loss he never saw coming. Will this present a return to form for the once great champion, or will this be the coup de grâce that puts the final nail in the coffin of a once promising career? Perhaps more importantly, how will we remember Sergey “The Krusher” Kovalev, one of the best that never was?