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Joshua/Wilder: Boxing's Cold War

Just When Will We Get The Fight THE WORLD Wants To See?


The great sport of boxing has done well to give the fans the fights they want to see over the last 18 months. We've seen Andre Ward fight Sergey Kovalev. We've seen Saul Alvarez fight Gennady Golovkin.But there is still one fight we as boxing fans yearn to see. For after years of stagnation, and I mean no disrespect to the champion of that time. There is new life in the heavyweight division. Now I'm not suggesting that the heavyweight division is going through a resurgence much like super lightweight is for example. But one thing is for certain...

The boxing world NEEDS to see Anthony Joshua fight Deontay Wilder ... But this is turning into boxing's cold war. 

Now to you or I the premise is simple surely? Should Joshua beat Parker as he is expected to then a fight should be made for the Undisputed Heavy Championship of the world. Its the ultimate prize in boxing. So why does it feel like we are no closer to this fight being made?

WBC Heavyweight Champion seems like the most frustrated man in the sport right now. It has to be said that he is the most vocal in wanting the fight. Hot off the heels off of the biggest victory in his career against Luis Ortiz. Wilder, has no mandatory set. The biggest problem from his perspective seems to be his financial demands for the fight. Let's be honest they aren't reasonable. Anthony Joshua is the A-Side there can be no qualms or queries about that. In fact, Joshua is the biggest entity in the sport right now. The man can sell out stadiums in minutes. There is no other professional boxer that can do that. Period. Add to the face that should he come through his fight with Parker as expected, he will hold three of the four major governing bodies world champions. Joseph Parker balked at the financial demands and will receive 34% of the purse come fight night. Wilder should do the same given he has far less to lose than Joshua does. 

But what is Joshua's reluctance to agree to a fight? Now I have had to think long and hard as to what that might be. Having done that I'm wondering if there is a reluctance or if he is simply making Wilder sweat. Sure there is a lot of fan theory running round social media that he is scared. But why should he be? Let us be realistic. Arthur Spilzka was outboxing him before he got brutally knocked out. Molina wobbled Wilder in their fight, Washington too was outboxing him and then there was the Luis Ortiz fight. Wilder did incredibly well to stay on his feet that night. But the facts are there to see. Wilder is vulnerable. Yes, he hasn't been knocked down like Joshua was, but Joshua didn't get a little-unexplained help from the referee at the start of the next round either!

But let me tell you all the real reason this fight isn't happening, this is from my own personal standpoint ... Business. For the time being Anthony Joshua is Eddie Hearns only pay per view star. Hearn also seems to be keen to crack the American market and a fight with Jarrell Miller has been mentioned more than once to raise AJ's profile stateside. The governing bodies could also seemingly throw a spanner in the works. Alexander Povetkin is the WBA & WBO mandatory. Come Saturday night AJ could hold both of those belts and we've seen the governing bodies pull the rug out from under many a boxer's foot. Eddie Hearn has another British heavyweight coming off a career-best performance in his stable. Yes, Dillian Whyte. I said in an article earlier in the week that he is potentially the wild card and why not. He's been the #1 contender in the WBC for some time now, and by all rights should be mandatory. Whyte wants the Wilder fight, but it seems like a risk Wilder is unwilling to take, and the AJ fight is the silver tuna in terms of paydays....

So here we are boxing's cold war. I've no doubt in my mind that this fight will happen, It has to. But I fear we will have to be patient, as tedious as that is!