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Joshua vs Povetkin

Anthony closes the show after a fantastic effort from Povetkin

By Paul Humphreys   - @intuboxing

Well he's still undefeated and the AJ machine rumbles on hopefully to a unification with Deontay Wilder as AJ vowed to put up a Twitter poll to work out his next opponent. 

Alexander Povetkin came to fight he started with bad intentions utilising a very sneaky and powerful right hand and a crisp left hook uppercut on the inside dipping AJ’s knees in the first round and bloodying nose he was in a serious fights here here and he had the face of a man with the world on his shoulders.


The second round was much of the same with AJ struggling to find the correct distance, he was starting to loosen up though towards the end providing a reminder who's the champion in there.

Joshua clearly started with a sense of urgency in round 3 scoring with crisp jabs upstairs and down and utilising some nice lateral movement Povetkin was starting to looked marked up around the face Joshua had enjoyed a very good round. 

In the 4th AJ upped the page again looking to score with lead left hooks and crisp jabs this was more like it he was having fun in there again.

Of course Povetkin a former title holder and Olympic gold medallist in his own right hand other ideas he threw all varieties of shots in crisp combination AJ looking bemused at times at the angles Povetkin seemed to create but still scoring with the jab to keep it competitive. 

The 6th saw AJ gather a degree of control back landing with the jab particularly to the body that seemed to irritate Povekin in a otherwise uneventful round. 

In the 7th scored in patches in the early going with Povetkin threatening with wild left hooks and AJ pecking away at the body with the jab out of nowhere Joshua feinted low and shot high with a crunching left hook followed by a straight right to send Povetkin crashing to the canvas clearly hurt.

He rose by the count of 8 but clearly unsteady on his legs Joshua rushed in with a viscous barrage that saw the referee wave it off and Joshua has suddenly ended proceedings in devastating fashion.

After he spoke about being tired of talking and backwards and forwards and vowed to let the fans decide who he faces next.

He's serious about this buisiness and if Eddie Hearn can't deliver him the fight he wants maybe he will take matters into his own hands.