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Jono Carroll will challenge Tevin Farmer for the IBF super-featherweight title on St Patricks Day weekend.

The two men will meet at the Liacorous Center in Philidelphia on Friday 15 March, and unbeaten Carroll (16-0-1) is confident he will leave as the new champion.

Carroll said: “I’ll do what I want with Tevin, he’s a tiny little child and I’m not afraid of him.  When we meet, if he’s respectful of me, I’ll be respectful back as that’s how I’ve been brought up – but if he’s talking rubbish then I’ll put him in his place. 

“I see a fakeness in him when I see him interviewed, I see a fake person. My thoughts on him are that he wants to be liked, but he’s not.  I reckon he’s arrogant, that’s the man I think he is and I know he’s that sort of flashing person saying stupid things on Twitter. 

“Tevin is a man that wants to be liked but he plays like he’s Floyd Mayweather, but he’s not half as good as him. He has serious holes in his armour, and I am going to poke every single one of them. I’ll break him up and stop him. 

“He’s never met a man like me in his life. He came from a rough background yes, but so did I. We’re both from crazy places but we’re in the limelight now, so we have to be grown-up and responsible as we’re going to have cameras around us.”