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Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin: The Kazakh Thunder

The middleweight champion is in action this Saturday night. IntuBoxing's Paul Humphreys breaks down his attributes.

By Paul Humphreys   - @intuboxing

This coming Saturday sees Gennady Golovkin putting his world titles on the line against Vanes Martirosyan. No, it isn't the fight that the world wanted to see; to be frank, I'm not sure why we are seeing it. But that is for another time. 

Golovkin has blazed a path of destruction through the middleweight ranks since becoming a world champion back in August 2010. A lot is made of Golovkin's punch power, but just how does he do it?

Here is the thing: Golovkin is not necessarily a murderous puncher, but he is a monstrous attacker. He is constantly on the front foot. This constant application of pressure while stalking his opponent makes him a pugilistic nightmare to face.

But the coup de grâce to Golovkin's arsenal is his punch variation. A variation in the shots a boxer throws highlights his ring intelligence. Knowing when to throw varying types of punches and also knowing when to throw each type of punch per situation.

Abel Sanchez, like he does with many of his fighters, has taken the European style of ramming home a solid jab followed by a power backhand á la Kovalev, Klitschko and Tszyu and combined that with a Mexican flavour. Golovkin's defence is his offence, especially as the years have rolled on.

His feet are not as swift as they once were, but he can still cut the ring off better than virtually any professional I have seen in the last few years. It is a hallmark of all Abel Sanchez' fighters, as we have recently seen from his fellow Eastern European training partner, Murat Gassiev.

But the pièce de résistance of Golovkin's arsenal? In my opinion, this is two-fold. He has the most devastating left hook to the body in world boxing today, coupled with an awkward, looping overhand right and left hand that can ruin any boxer's Sunday. 

Yes, Golovkin hits hard. But some of the things he does in the ring are under-appreciated in my opinion. His power breaks bones, but his chin breaks the will and hearts of even the most mentally hardened fighter.