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Fury vs Wilder

This weeks media round up

By Bryan Connolly   - @intuboxing


The biggest fight in the heavyweight division is scheduled to be contested at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles on December 1st. Tyson Fury steps into the ring with Deontay Wilder for the WBC World Heavyweight title. 


Earlier this week, we have been treated to three media events in London, New York and Los Angeles. Both fighters were given the platform to inject a mental advantage over the other fighter.  


Numerous fighters have said that boxing has a more mental aspect of the game and if you get into your opponents head, you gain a massive advantage come fight night.


With two media talents going head to head, explosive things were expected when they faced off. Both fighters had a different approach to the matters, with the challenger being the more aggressive and confrontational, and the champion sitting back with very little taunting coming back.




The day started on the UK breakfast show "Good Morning Britain", where Wilder and Fury were very calm together but Wilder had a huge rant towards Anthony Joshua. Which made the presenters believe he was more focused on that fight instead of the Fury fight.


Tyson fury came into the BT Sports conference brimming with confidence, both fighters accompanied by their management team sat down and once the sponsors and promotional teams had their say the fighters had their turn.


Fury started proceedings and the war of words by persistently calling Wilder a dosser as he has only "5 real fights". Wilder, states he doesn't want a war of words and is very cool and calm.


Fury then goads Wilder into getting up as Fury wants to feel the true power of Wilder, Wilder accepts and pushes Fury in the chest. Both fighters head backstage where Fury states he smells weakness in Wilder.




Aboard the USS Intrepid, Fury looking more relaxed clearly had the crowd on his side. For the overseas fighter fighting an American, Fury definitely had the crowd on his side and he relished it.


Fury gave Wilder everything and by the end of the conference, mentally had the advantage once again. He homed in on Wilder's attitude, how nobody knew who Wilder was in his own country.


Wilder in retaliation kept on repeating himself, saying Fury was nervous. He must have said this 20 times, but Fury didn't look nervous at all. 


Fury said earlier in the day, "purest boxing always beats a puncher", he then went on to say "this is 100% a psychological battle". 




On route to the conference Fury said, "Deontay Wilder is a diva just like David Haye." 


More of the same taunts were used and towards the end of the conference, Wilder and Fury went face to face and things heated up. Wilder lost his cool and started to vent his frustration and anger. He was being held back by his entourage and Fury again stood there taunting him.


A bigger brawl, pushing and shoving, broke out and the stage was being knocked over and so was members of the entourage. 




If you were scoring this in rounds the three days were easily in Fury's favour. Winning all three days. 


A big hype package awaited fans as both fighters bring antics of a different level towards these media events and only one, in my opinion, showed pure skill. 


A lot of fighters past and present believe that media events have a big impact on fight night and if you can break your opponent's mentality you have an advantage once the bell rings.


Pictures have been released of both men laughing and joking backstage, and if you see the Good Morning Britain interviews you will see that kind of attitude on screen too. 


I was expecting Wilder to be more aggressive and bounce off Fury, but that never happened. Unless he is keeping it for fight week we will see but Fury at this stage definitely has the advantage, in my opinion.