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Dillian Whyte And The WBC

Just What Has Whyte Got To Do To Get His Hands On Wilder?


The governing bodies in our great sport are guilty of making decisions that leave me, you and millions across the world scratching their heads, and In amongst all of this chaos and confusion it can lead to many fans heading for the exit door. But, I haveto keep my cool while wading through boxing politics so thick you might lose yo shoes as well as your wits while trying to escape 

Now I’m sure many of you are thinking. Mr Cooper, exactly what is your point? Read on my friends, and I shall tell you.

Now, the world for Dillian Whyte looks quite rosey right next now. Since his loss to Anthony Joshua in December, 2015 he has reeled off seven victories out of seven fights. Most impressively and quite chillingly knocking Lucas Browne out cold in his last fight. He has picked up the WBC Silver Heavyweight title, and the governing bodies number one ranking. Simply put, he has done everything asked of him. But still the WBC has not granted him mandatory position, and it gets worse for the South London man. 

IntuBoxing announced yesterday that he has been mandated to fight Luis Ortiz for a mandatory spot. Ok, it’s a tough test, maybe tougher than his fight with Joshua. But it lines up the shot against Deontay Wilder he desperately craves right? Wrong.

Should ‘The Bodysnatcher’ overcome ‘King Kong’ he will be guaranteed a shot. But, he will have to wait until Wilder has fought Dominic Breazeale. Who, granted won an eliminator against Carlos Molina. But he, and indeed we were told this was not the final eliminator it was originally thought to be. 

One can be forgiven for thinking that the governing body doesn’t want Whyte as it’s heavy champion! Heck, it sure looks like it doesn’t it??

So what happens now? Well, I’m sure you’re aware Whyte has also been granted a final eliminator against Kubrat Pulev. A win puts him in not only the mandatory spot for the IBF champion,Anthony Joshua it also puts him in a much more lucrative fight. Should Whyte decide to take that option, then Joseph Parker will be next in line to face Ortiz. Whyte’s decision will shape the future of several heavyweights... The ball is firmly in his court! 

Choose wisely Mr. Whyte, IntuBoxing wishes you all the best!!