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De La Hoya coughs up own money to make Canelo/Golovkin

HOFer digs deep to make mega-fight happen

By Aaron Cooper   - @intuboxingfm

The great sport of boxing celebrated at the news that the long-awaited rematch between WBC, WBA & IBO champion, Gennady Golovkin and Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez had finally been agreed after weeks of financial discussion. 

Given that fans have waited with baited breath for similar news from the heavyweight division, and Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder in particular. Boxing NEEDED a super-fight in 2018, and at the very least we have one. 

Negotiations were fraught, very fraught in fact. Golovkin stood steadfast to his principles that he would not settle for anything less than forty-five per cent of the purse. For a brief moment, it seemed a foolish move. But ultimately, Golovkin and promoter, Tom Loeffler came out of the other side of this deal looking like master negotiators. 

"It was the principle of the matter, 45 per cent for me, not 35 or 42.5, just 45," Golovkin said, per Dan Rafael of ESPN.com. "Good deal, very happy.

Actual details of the contract are not available to boxing media, but Golovkin is adamant that he will walk away with at least 45%. A monumental victory considering he took but thirty per cent of the purse home from his September 2017 fight with Alvarez, and was only due to fighting for thirty-five per cent on May 5th, the original date of the rematch.

"I said I'm going to agree to 45 per cent and it's going to be my last percentage," Golovkin said. "I didn't think about this too much. The first time I said 50-50. The second time I thought, OK, 45 and that will be my last statement. It wasn't about me being sure or not sure. It was just my last proposition. Take it or leave it."

Now I know what you are all thinking. Golovkin refused the 57.5/42.5 purse split. So where has the other 2.5% come from ... Simple, the pocket of Oscar De La Hoya

"I actually came out with my own money to bridge the gap and make this fight happen," Oscar says. 

"GGG wanted a bigger piece of the pie. It was a matter of a few million dollars. I couldn't get it from Canelo's side because he was gonna stick to his guns ... so I had to come up with the difference."

Given the first fight ended in controversy with many pundits and analysts in the sport picking Golovkin as a clear winner, and the nature of Canelo's suspension and the contract negotiations for the rematch. This has begun to spin a unique story full of intrigue and I for one cannot wait until September 15th, can you?