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Danny O’Conner

The strains of professional boxing


News broke this weekend with Danny O'Connor being pulled out of his first world title challenge against Jose Ramirez. The WBC have confirmed that he was suffering "dehydration symptoms" with his trainer thinking his kidneys shutdown. 


O'Connor, collapsed while "getting out of a sauna", while trying to cut two pounds. Photos have surfaced of Danny lying in his hospital bed, hooked up to a drip to bring his hydration back up, and i hope that he makes a speedy recovery.


Over the past few years there have been a rise in boxers who agree to the fights and signing contracts to a specific weight division and they fail to make the weight come the weigh ins. I know it can be hard come fight weekend but we cannot have boxers physically and mentally drained going into a duel less then 100 per cent as they could get hurt badly.


Rumours have circled round that more catchweight fights or more weight divisions should be implemented but i believe that for boxing to move forward then promoters, trainers and fighters need to be more clever in negotiations and have clear target goals set. 


Also the boxing boards and councils need to fine the boxers as if they fail to make weight then they have broken their contractual obligations and title fights get affected. This means if the fighter wins the bout then title would not be awarded.