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Crawford Demolishes Horn

Terence 'Bud' Crawford becomes three-weight world champion.

By Aaron Cooper   - @intuboxingfm

Terence 'Bud' Crawford is the new WBO welterweight champion of the world!

In my prediction article earlier this week, I suggested that Crawford could dish out a violent and vicious beating to the outgoing champion, and he did just that. Stopping the Australian via a ninth-round stoppage. Teddy Atlas suggested it was like a 'Volkswagen versus a Ferrari'. It's a great analogy as Crawford showed the world why he is one of, if not the best boxer on the planet today. But that simply fans read far too much into Horn's win over Pacquaio and that Crawford was a level or two above 'The Hornet'.

Horn's tactics were apparent from the outset, he intended to use his physicality to attempt to bully the Nebraska native around the ring. But Crawford saw that coming a mile off. It wasn't long before Crawford was timing Horn on the way in with jabs and hard uppercuts.

Much was made about the fact Crawford was the smaller man in the ring on fight night, but this was also a fallacy, much like his foes pre-fight predictions. Crawford proved that it was he was the stronger dog in the fight. When he wasn't peppering Horn with counters, Crawford has outmuscled him in the clinch. Sadly for the former champion, he did not change strategy and the fight played into the hands of the new champion. 

By the fifth round, it really was all one-way traffic. Crawford turned on the aggression I had spoken of mid-week. Horn was too one-dimensional, leading to him being caught with check hook after check hook every time he rushed in with his head down. The end of the round saw a crunching body shot leaving Horn wincing in pain. A wry smile appearing on Crawford's face, if you didn't believe or know Crawford thrives on the violence inside the ring, you learned it at that moment.

Rounds seven and eight were all one-way traffic. Crawford began methodically and systematically beating Jeff Horn around the ring. It was like watching a game of chess with a novice against a grandmaster. When Horn tried to bull rush his way inside he was met with body shots that would take the air from Horn's sails. Once Horn began to hesitate about engaging, he was met with aggression. It was checkmate at every turn. 

 In the ninth Crawford went in for the kill and showed the world that he truly is one of the best finishers in the business, . A swift and hard three-punch combo sent Horn back to the ropes and a left hook spun him to the canvas for the first knockdown of the fight. But Crawford wasn't about to let his man off the hook, no sir.. Another violent barrage gave referee Robert Byrd no choice but to save Horn from taking any further beatings The end came at the 2:33 mark of the 9th round. Horn had been beaten from pillar to post and Crawford had become a three-weight world champion.

Post-fight Bob Arum compared Crawford to Sugar Ray Leonard, that's what a compliment and the likeness is there for all to see. 

One thing is for certain. The spot to take over from Floyd Mayweather as 'The Guy' at 147-pounds is still wide open. But Terence Crawford might just be the man to fill those shoes.