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CashFighter: What A Night

We were pleased to be part of such a great night of boxing. Click here for a detailed recap.


Last night at the Leicester Arena we were fortunate enough to witness a tournament that embodied intestinal fortitude. Eight men took part in a single night elimination tournament. The victor crowned not only CashFighter Champion but made ten thousand pounds richer. A prize which is simply the biggest in semi-professional boxing. I was delighted to be a part of such a great night of boxing action and am happy to recap the night's action for you.

Quarter Finals

Our night began with Leeds man, Mark Holmes taking on Derby’s Vinny Glover. The size of the ring meant that neither man would have to go looking for their opponent. Not that that mattered to these two men as they both came out swinging. Glover was the more disciplined of the two and when he used his jab he was able to place some nice shots. But he had to deal with some relentless pressure from Holmes. In the end, the judges awarded a unanimous decision to Glover.

Our next fight saw Nottingham’s, Jack Mantell take on John DP Shaw from Worcester. Mantell’s pressure was relentless and whilst it may not have pleased the crowd, Shaw cleverly held to stop Mantell from working on the inside. Shaw was able to use his superior height and reach to his advantage and caught Mantell coming in with some catchy shots. These shots clearly caught the eye as it was Shaw who progressed to the next round.

Former professional and Leicester’s own Martin Concepcion took on Polish-born Yorkshireman, Michael Fafera in another quarterfinal. However, sadly this bout was over almost as quickly as it had begun. Concepcion twisted badly on his knee early on and the referee called a halt to proceedings. Concepcion had to be carried from the ring and Fafera moved on fresh.

The quarter-final between Bobby Begg and Omar Kalik was probably the best of the four. Both men electing to box rather than brawl and it proved for some interesting moments. Both men had their successes and there was some heavy leather landed by both men. However, it was Kalik who progressed, but only just. I spoke to Bobby before the event and he spoke of his desire to turn pro after this win, lose or draw. I wish you all the best.


Boxing went out of the window in the semi-final between Shaw and Glover. This looked more like a bar fight. Shaw persisted in holding his man whenever he got in close. Making him unpopular with the paying crowd. But it was effective as he was able to stop Glover working. Both men were guilty of smothering their own work. The fight was close, so close in fact that the judges awarded a draw. A fourth-round was ordered and it was Shaw who moved onto the final.

Fafera and Kalik contested for their place in the final next. This was probably the best fight of the night. Both men had their successes, Fafera with a long jab catching Kalik frequently as he squared up on the ropes. Kalik catching Fafera with nice little raids and then getting out of range. In the end, it was Kalik who progressed.

The Final

The crowd were primed and ready to see the final two combatants enter the ring. But there was only one man in the fight from this writer's honest opinion. Fafera took over from bell to bell. It has to be said that he was the fresher man having boxed five rounds less than Shaw, who went the distance in his first quarter-final and boxed and extra round in the semi. But history only ever remembers the winner, and Michael will take home ten thousand pounds back home with him to York this morning.

Congratulations Michael!