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Canelo's Gonna Freaking Wail On Him ...Says Oscar De La Hoya

GBP Promoter Is Insistent His Man WILL Fight GGG on September 12th.


By Aaron Cooper

We should all be eagerly awaiting what could and should be another classic fight between two fighters for what is effectively a battle for the top spot in the middleweight division.

You may recall I told you all in an article last week that the long-awaited rematch between Gennady Golovkin and Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez WILL happen on September 15th. It seems as though that sentiment is shared by Golden Boy Promotions President, Oscar De La Hoya. But ladies and gentleman this saga is beginning to feel like I'm pulling teeth. 

De La Hoya was jumped on as soon as he landed in New York City and it didn't take long for the questions to begin flying in about his stable's number one guy and the alleged 'tainted meat' that led to Canelo's suspension and robbed fight fans globally of potentially the biggest fight of the year.

He told TMZ "Canelo is getting really the short end of the stick here because obviously he's a popular fighter and a lot of people are going to hate on him"

"BUT, he's been one of the cleanest fighters I've known. He's passed numerous tests, and you know .... it was very unfortunate."

The Golden Boy is adamant his charge is NOT a cheater, and that there is proof that tainted Mexican beef has damaged the careers of pro athletes from various disciplines in the past. De La Hoya also felt that Golovkin's new Jordan advertisement was pretty tactless.

"Once they fight in September, I'll tell you one thing - Canelo's gonna freaking wail on him!!"