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Canelo/Golovkin - The Casserole Of Nonsense? Not Quite ...

So many fingers being pointed in every direction. But can we not all look to the bigger picture?


By Aaron Cooper

The middleweight division, it’s almost the exact pinpoint of where the power of boxing’s big men meets the speed of those in lighter weight classes. It is also for most boxing fans, pundits, analysts and journalists like myself the most irritating division in the sport. It certainly seems to be where most pugilistic diatribe seems to come from.

Now let me set the scene for you all. May 5th, 2018. It was supposed to be one of if not the hottest night of the year for our great sport. Whilst Eddie Hearn has done a fantastic job of putting on a great card at London’s O2 arena, it is the rematch between Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin that really got fans from all walks of life hearts truly racing. After all, this is, or at least it was, the battle to define who in all of our eyes is the true middleweight lineal champion.

As a journalist, I have to be objective. I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I wasn’t. Or at least all of you would mark me as being subjective one way or another, and I simply can’t be THAT guy. I’m here to tell you all it is one hundred percent ok to be disappointed, heck I am. But rather than throwing denunciation against Canelo, Golovkin or at each other like I have seen so many of you do. Let us instead reflect and in fact celebrate that this division has once again caught light and in fact, it grows in strength.

Now, where do I begin? As I’ve said I cannot point fingers. But let me ask you all this. If a fighter tests positive for a banned substance during a training camp, would you be ok with stepping in the ring with him? Deontay Wilder was not when Povetkin tested positive for a banned substance, yes he too came under criticism from a lot of you. But facts are facts a good friend of mine said not long ago that boxing is a competition of will and skill and there is no need to try and enhance that, and he was absolutely right.

So let me try and put this to bed, for all of you. It was Canelo who tested positive for a banned substance not once but twice. Whether that was done intentionally or not is for you to decide. It was also Canelo that pulled out of a $100m fight. Not because Golovkin and his team turned the screw, but the scrutiny and fallout from two failed tests.

I understand all of your frustration at Golovkin’s choice of a replacement opponent. But here is the kicker boys and girls. One thing so many seems to fail to grasp. The rematch will happen. September 15th of this year. Make no mistake about that. Unless of course, a certain Mexican gets himself into a spot of bother again. So Golovkin’s fight on May 5th as disappointing as it may be is a stay busy fight. Something, if you ask me, is allowed to do. I would have loved to have seen him take on Sergiy Derevyanchenko. But from a business standpoint, it is too risky a fight to take with Canelo fight money on the table. Boxing is now a business folks and it’s something we all have to accommodate.

But let us look at the positives. Firstly that the NSAC has taken action on such a high profile case and is banning boxers who fail tests. That is one hundred percent the way it should be. It was a unanimous vote too, so there was no megastar favouritism. That is something that should be celebrated.

Golovkin, Jacobs, Canelo, Saunders, Charlo, Derevyanchenko .. The middleweight division is getting interesting folks. Let’s celebrate rather than fulminate.