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Callum Johnson Exclusive: "No Disrespect To Frank Buglioni, But Ive Got Bigger Fish To Fry"

The New British Light-Heavyweight Champion Talks To IntuBoxing: Hopefully, in the next year, people will see that i'm the real deal."


By Aaron Cooper

A part of me is almost sorry to see the month of March go. For the first time in a long time, I can look back and not a single card disappointed in terms of action nor quality. It's fair to say that boxing's big men and the super lightweight division excited us all. But there is one fight above all else that captured my attention more than others. It was number one versus number two in the light heavyweight division. It was supposed to be a grueling battle, a real war, a true fifty-fifty fight. But I think it fair to share no one could have anticipated what we actually saw. 

Frank Buglioni had captured the light-heavyweight crown against Hosea Burton back in late 2016. There can be no argument that Burton was on his way to a wide points decision. But the last round rally from Buglioni saw him rip the Lord Lonsdale belt from Burton's grasp with a dramatic stoppage. Fast forward to mid-2017 and it was the turn of the fallen champions stablemate and close friend, Callum Johnson to fight for the title and avenge the knockout loss Burton had suffered the prior year. Johnson himself had suffered turmoil, albeit outside of the ring. Losing his father Paul in February 2016. But was determined to add the British title to the Commonwealth belt he had dismantled Willbeforce Shihepo to get, only for a chest injury to postpone the slated October bout. 

Five months later, under the bright lights of the O2. Johnson produced a performance British boxing will not forget in a hurry. Dismantling the former champion in a single round.

Did people write you off unfairly?

"I think people were reading too much into the inactivity, to be honest with you. Which I can't blame them for I suppose. A lot of people had forgotten about me and wrote me off before I got int the ring. I was inactive in the ring but not in the gym. I'm a big believer that If you can do it in the gym you can do it in the ring. I controlled the emotion, I didn't let my emotions get to me. I just went into the ring and did my job"

"We had our plan on what shots we thought would work, and what he did well. As far as going out and seeing how it goes, it just happened that way. Frank likes a fight, I like a fight. We just met in the middle of the ring and I was the better man on the night. I believe id be the man on the night ten times out of ten against Frank Buglioni."

"People haven't had the chance to see what I am about and how good I am. What you saw the other night was how explosive and powerful I am. But if and when I need to be im a skillful fighter. Hopefully, you never get to see it because ill do that to everybody. I've got the toughness when I need it. Hopefully, in the next year, people will see that im the real deal."

On a rematch with Buglioni?

"This fight doesn't warrant a rematch It wasn't close, it wasn't controversial. No disrespect to Frank, but I've got bigger fish to fry. I want to look forward I don't want to look back"

Id like to fight someone like Karo Murat. I'm ready for that step now, id like to add the European title to my collection. But id like to earn a few quid now. 

"He's got his path, I've got mine. That would be a big fight. Two or three fights down the line it would be a bigger fight. I've heard through the grapevine they've got no interest in fighting me.I'm not part of their plan. But, I'm not worried about him and I'm sure he's not worried about me"

Callum you can fight anyone in the light heavyweight division, who would it be?

The winner of Jack/Stevenson. Its the best belt in boxing, and it might sound crazy. But I think I can beat them both. I genuinely believe I can go and take the belt of them, I really do. 

We at IntuBoxing wish you all the very best champ!