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Bombs On The Thames Part Four: Dillian Whyte, The Heavyweight Wild Card?

Dillian Whyte Is On A Roll, Could He Scupper A Certain American's Plans?


By Aaron Cooper

A defeat is never the end for a professional sportsman, it’s what you do after the fact and how you move forward that defines you.

On a winter’s night in London in December 2015, Dillian Whyte’s long-standing feud with Anthony Joshua came to ahead at London’s O2 Arena. Whyte proved he could hurt Joshua but it wasn’t enough, a thundering uppercut left Whyte incapacitated on the ropes. Whyte talked a great fight, but that night his mouth wrote cheques his body couldn’t cash.

But that wasn’t the end for Whyte. The experience appears to have humbled the Brixton man somewhat, endearing him to the public. Boos are now replaced with cheers when that oh so famous ACDC song rings out in the arena. Whyte has gone onto fight seven times since that character building experience and has gone onto record seven victories. Make no mistake about this either, he has not padded his record with easy fights either. David Allen and Robert Helenius couldn’t get the job done against Whyte, and neither could Dereck Chisora. Fast forward from December 2015 to last Saturday night  …

Dillian Whyte had picked up the WBC Silver Heavyweight title along the way and entered the very ring he was humbled in some twenty-six months prior. Lucas Browne stood in the Brixton man’s way on this occasion. What I found most bizarre was that social media was heavily in favour of the Australian, despite no real intellectual property to suggest why. Whyte has had his fair share of critics over the years, and he repaid those critics in kind by producing a career-best performance. Now it has to be said that Browne isn’t the most technically gifted boxer. But he has always carried a huge threat in terms of his punching power, and this is something Whyte needed to respect. But in a role reversal, it was he that landed the crunching final blow that left Browne in a heap in the ring.

Where Whyte will go next is not for me to suggest, but he was only too quick to call out a certain World Heavyweight Champion

“I'm ready, let's get it. Deontay, let's go, no more excuses. Forget Joshua, Joshua's not going to be ready in time. Let's do this. June, live at The O2, let's get it. I'm No 1 baby. Let's go, let's go.

“I proved to everyone, I'm world class. A lot of people were writing me off. A lot of people were giving Lucas Browne the edge. I've been up in Loughborough working hard, training in some garage, in the cold “I'm a good fighter, but no one has seen it yet. When the challenge is there, that's when I rise. Lucas Browne thought his power was incredible. I might not have 22 knockouts, but I can crack.

“A lot of people say this and say that, but when they stand in front of me, different story. The O2 is my home, let's bring more fights here. Let's get it. I'm laying all of these guys out, one by one.”

Dillian Whyte has every reason to feel aggrieved. He is ranked #1 by the WBC, yet the governing body ordered a bout between Anthony Joshua Victims Eric Molina and Dominic Breazeale for the mandatory spot. There was talk last year that Whyte’s promoter Eddie Hearn offered the American champion three million pounds to fight Whyte, but he declined. Now I do not think for a second that Wilder is afraid of Whyte. But I do think he is wary of him. After all, Whyte is a high risk for a low reward. For Wilder his understandable focus is Anthony Joshua or indeed Joseph Parker should he be victorious on Saturday night.

Now let’s really talk business. I wholeheartedly believe that providing Joshua beats Parker on Saturday night that we still will not see a fight between the pair until next year at least. Eddie Hearn is a smart man, very smart. For him, it makes financial sense to try and make the Whyte versus Wilder fight happen first. Why I hear you ask? Well, Eddie Hearn is trying to make a name for himself in America, and has smartly made a link up with HBO. What is clear is that he is covering all of his bases, and why shouldn’t he? Let’s say Whyte versus Wilder happens in America, and lets for a minute say that Whyte wins, which by the way is possible. What we have is a mega money rematch between Joshua and Whyte. But regardless of the winner, Hearn’s stable will boast the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. If Wilder wins then its business as usual and boxing’s greatest cold war resumes.

The title of this article suggests that Dillian Whyte is the wild card in this division, hopefully, I've given you a satisfactory answer as to why. A fight against Wilder is a risky move to put it lightly, but the rewards a victory would provide could prove hard to resist. Could Dillian Whyte be the next undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, I'm sure he thinks so. But only time will tell.