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Ask the experts article for GGG v Canelo

Ahead of the most anticipated fight this year, the rematch between Saul "Canelo" Alverez and Gennady "GGG" Golovkin, we asked numerous boxers, former champions,journalists and coaches for their expert predictions.

By Paul Humpreys   - @intuboxing

Ahead of the most anticipated fight this year, the rematch beetween Saul "Canelo" Alverez and Gennady "GGG" Golovkin we asked numerous boxers, former champions, journalists and coaches for their expert predictions on the fight this Saturday at the T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas.


Hall of Fame Referee Joe Cortez 

"Canelo Alvarez has to come out fighting in a style.

He can't fight like he did last year. He has to stay away from ropes and use more combinations as well as using angles,

but if he decides to slug it out with Golovkin he will be in danger of getting knocked out.

Triple G has to keep Canelo at bay using lots of jabs and combinations as well. If he has no legs he will be in serious trouble .

My prediction is Triple G winner by TKO in the 11th round"


Former WBC Super middleweight champion Robin Reid 

"Yeah I think canelo will win on points, ..????????????????????"


Chief Operating Officer at Intuboxing USA Paul Humphreys 

"I feel that Canelo boxed as well as he could last time where as Golovkin had a slow start. If Golovkin can make the technical adjustments and stop Canelo circling right off the ropes there will be more same time punching oppurtunites. 

If this happens I expect GGG to stop a tiring Canelo anytime after round 9"


Ring Magazine Trainer of the year Derrick James 

"Yes I believe that Canelo will win"


Former 2 weight world champion Junior Jones 

"Canelo on points"


Heavyweight contender Nathan Gorman 

"I reckon Canelo via points win, in a great fight"


Boxnation pundit Steve Lillis 

"Have a sneaky feeling Canelo points but no conviction. I hope GGG does it though"


 Highly rated Super Featherweight contender Jono Carroll.

"Canelo, I think he's younger and fresher. Fighters can get old quick and I think this will be the case. Youth will help canelo win this fight"


Former WBC world lightwelterweight Champion Junior Witter

"GGG on points" 


Former professional boxer and pro boxing coach and Josh Warringtons second Nick Manners 

"I'm predicting Canelo Points, I think 2nd time around Canelo makes the adjustments and is busy & elusive enough to squeeze through with the decision"


Head of Saturday Night Boxing and Ring Magazine Panelist Adam Abramowitz 

"GGG unanimous decision"


Former WBC Welter weight champion of the world John H Stracey 

" I think Canelo on points" 


Professional boxing coach Kevin Sanders 

"I think Canelo. I just think he will be bigger quicker and more mobile for me, the guy is on the way down and we have seen all what he can do and there is no change in his last few fights"


Former WBA Heavy weight Champion Lucas Brown

"I like GGG by late stoppage. Should be a great fight!"


Editor in chief of the Ring Magazine Douglas Fischer 

"GGG by MD"


Head of Broadcasting at Intuboxing Dan Hewitt 

"An amazing fight with two top class fighters. Canelo proved he can take GGG's power in the last fight and I think Canelo knows he can't stop GGG. Canelo is looking more trim and athletic this time around. Canelo by decision"


Lead journalist Intuboxing USA Jamil Parker 

"Canelo's movement will fluster GGG again while he struggles to adjust. As GGG continues to press he will open himself up to sharp counters....Canelo ud"


Former 2× English Champion head coach at Impact Boxing gym Scott Lawton 

"GGG late stoppage" 


Head of Instagram marketing at Intuboxing Lawrence Ward

"I want GGG to win but time is catching up with him. Canelo evolves, he brings something new to every bout and learns from the last. GGG is stuck in his ways. I feel we are going to see a new and improved Canelo and the same bullying GGG inching forward through the fight. Canelo wins every round near enough from about 4 onwards imo"


Former big punching Pro Kerry Evans 

"A lot of people are saying Canelo couldn’t put in a better performance than he did last time!

I think this works in his favour GGG is another year older, Canelo knows GGG’s power now I think...... Canelo puts in a better performance and beats GGG possible stoppage" 


Professional boxing coach Nicky Bundred


"I'm no expert, but I'm going with GGG as Canelo has been defeated before, size, I think has a part to play in this as well. Late stoppage win for GGG"????????????


Kearon Thomas budding pro boxer 

"I'm going Canelo points win ????????"


Professional boxing coach Gaz Taylor 

"We have 2 possible scenarios. A skillful Canello out boxes ageing GGG. Or GGG out guns a depleted Canello. Either way, we should find out if indeed Alvares is the drug cheat we think he is. . . Personally,  I'm going for a close Golovkin points win or maybe even a late stoppage."


Andy Shore Journalist Fight Fans Worldwide 

For me, GGG was the undisputed winner of the first fight. It was a gripping watch, but Canelo didn't do enough to take more than 4 or 5 rounds. There are so many questions going into this fight; can Canelo up his workrate, be as elusive and land as effectively as he did first time around?! Will he be fresh or rusty?! Many want to see Canelo lose due to the drug cheating situation, though he's the man with much of his career to come, plus he'll fight anyone, so a Canelo win would be exciting for the future of boxing. All of that said, I see GGG winning this fight. Expect to see him learn from the slow start in the first fight, he'll have no fear of Canelo's power and he'll want to hurt Canelo over a sustained period. My prediction is a compelling and exciting fight, competitive in the first half, but GGG will break Canelo down. I'm leaning to a points decision, though won't be surprised if GGG stops Canelo in the last 3rd of the fight.


Matthew Brown Intuboxing and Boxing Updates USA correspondent 

"Canelo by stoppage in 9 rounds. Too young, too fast, too strong. I thought Canelo won the first. Yes, I know I am in the minority. I think this fight will be more of the same. Golovkin is too slow to deal with Canelo and Canelo knows what worked in the first fight. The difference in hand speed was evident and not talked about in the buildup to the rematch. That will be the difference"


Mike Merry Professional boxing coach Box Sport London 

GGG on points in a great fight 


James Bell intuboxing USA correspondent

"Canelo will box the brakes off Golovkin en route to a 10th round stoppage"



GGG 11