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Allen beats Bracamonte

White Rhino on a three fight winning streak

By Bryan Connolly   - @intuboxing

Dave allen fought the Argentine heavyweight Ariel Bracamonte tonight on the undercard of the Bellew Usyk card. Scheduled over a ten round distance here is the tale of the fight.

1st Round

Both fighters come out and looking to trade big blows. Bracamonte hits Allen hard and Allen returns with a clubbing left hook which lands very low. After a brief time out the action returns and both are looking to deal major damage.

2nd Round 

Allen starts this round by throwing little tapping jabs and then firing a massive right or left at the end. Bracamonte deals a huge right hook which lands flush and both fighters stand trading once again. This is a good close round.

3rd Round 

Both men stand in the centre of the ring again and throwing jabs with no malice behind them. The big Argentine hits Allen with a big swing, and Allen hits with a big left of his own. Then BANG! A windmill right hand connects and Bracamonte is wobbly. 

4th Round

Both fighters again come out and throw some huge punches. How they are both standing, nobody knows. Both then tire and rest up the rest of the round. 

5th Round 

Once again, both men come out swing hard for just over a minute and tire fast. There is decent shots landing but none which have enough energy behind to finish the other. 

6th Round

Both men use this to get some energy back. Both stand off, and conserve. Maybe a big round coming up next.

7th Round

Allen looks more rejuvenated after a round and half rest. Hits some big shots once again and the Argentine has a nasty cut on the bridge of his nose. Goes to the corner and they stop the fight.

In his post fight interview Allen was disappointed with his performance and disappointed he felt like he gassed after the first round. When he re-watches this fight he will see two gunslingers going at it for four hard rounds at the start of the fight. 

Decent win for Allen and goes on a three fight winning streak.