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AJ V Povetkin

Joshua's key to victory..

By Jamie Buckton   - @intuboxing

Joshua's key to victory.. 


A) Outboxing the smaller man. He has proved he can outbox others e.g. Takam, Parker. Joshua posseses a very underrated long jab which will cause terror for Povetkin. If Joshua is wary of Povetkin’s power, this might be 'Plan A' for team AJ. This would be his best & easiest chance of victory. 


B) Catching Povetkin when he comes in. Its essential the russian comes in close to catch the much bigger man , Joshua. If he charges in, Joshua needs to be cautions BUT can catch him with accurate counter punching. If Joshua does go with 'Plan A' of outboxing Povetkin, this will frustrate him early thus making the first half of the fight a drab fight. However, Povetkin will soon have to take risks & require a KO to win which will enforce him to charge in. This is risky for Povetkin because of AJs power & his chin was tested yet failed against David Price last time out after only staying on his feet because of the ropes. 


Povetkin Keys to victory


A) Knockout. He's not going to outbox the bigger man , Joshua as his reach is nowhere near in the realms of AJ but he does have a massive punch. He can KO joshua is he catches him clean. Joshua is prone to getting hit. Whyte, Parker, Klitschko all catching him flush with the latter putting him on the canvas for the only time in his career. 


B) Banking on AJ gassing. AJ is known to gas / lose concentration at times. Wlad & Parker fights show this. Povetkin can take advantage IF this happens, he has a great chance to finish Joshua. 


Summary - I personally think this is Joshua's toughest fight to date despite this not being the fight we want to see. However, I believe Rounds 1-6 will be drab with Joshua keeping Povetkin at distance & Povetkin trying to figure out a way around Joshua's jab. However, I think the fight catch fire from rounds 6 onwards with Povetkin taking more risks which will allow Joshua to catch Povetkin & get the KO win.